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How I Helped Brodie Contracting Services Bring In More High-Value Clients

Brodie Contracting Services is a carpentry and custom wood business (founded by my father) located in Provincetown, MA. As a new business in a new area, he was eager to take any client he could get. Through just word of mouth, jobs were coming in and things were moving.

Eventually he ran into an issue. He was getting a lot of job types that required very difficult hours, without the type of pay he could be getting from other, more high-value job types. Essentially, he wanted to spend more time in his workshop on custom wood projects, and less time out in the field. So, we got to work.

Below are the steps I took for his business. In almost no time at all, he was getting the high-value clients he was hoping for. Less hours, better pay, in his workshop doing what he loves most.

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Created a Google Business Profile

Since Brodie Contracting Services doesn't have a storefront/address for customers to visit, I created a "service area" profile. This allows the business to take advantage of what local search results have to offer, while remaining accurate and transparent.

Built a Website

He creates beautiful and functional custom wood pieces ranging from flower boxes to outdoor showers, and everything in-between. Therefore, it was important to include examples of the work he's done and to showcase that to visitors. Shortly after getting a sense of his work and falling in love, there's a CTA (call to action) prompting users to contact him.

Launched a Facebook Ad Campaign

I initially launched a 'click-to-call' Facebook ad campaign, with the goal of generating more phone calls for custom wood clients. After some time passed with no results, I examined the data. After making some adjustments and switching to a 'click-to-message' campaign, leads started pouring in. In fact, it did so well that we had to turn ads off in order to meet demand. Through this process we also learned a lot about the demographics and behaviors of his ideal client, which allows us to be even more effective and efficient in all digital marketing efforts.

Monitor, Analyze and Adjust

Last but not least, this is one of the most important aspects of managing your online presence. There are many different online platforms your business "lives" on. Your Google Business profile, your socials, your website, and so on. With these platforms come tools you can use to analyze data, performance and engagement. Using a "set it and forget it" strategy rarely brings results.

For example, we learned that the majority of his customer base is in the age range of 55 to 65 years old. While the vast majority of people use the Google search engine, it just so happens a large percentage of people in this age range are on Bing (a search engine that most businesses ignore).

As a result I created a 'Bing Places' business profile, and will be monitoring activity closely. Depending on those results, we will even consider running ads on that platform.
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