Facebook Ads

Generating leads & increasing brand awareness

What Are They?

Facebook ads are an image, images or video, along with text and a 'call-to-action'. These ads are then injected into a given users feed. There's quite a bit of creative freedom in what your ad looks like, how it reads, and what kind of goal it sets out to accomplish. There are many positives about Facebook ads, but one of the most important is how highly targeted they can be. Through proper optimization and testing, you can maximize the amount of ideal customers you reach (while keeping costs low).

There is a tremendous amount of tracking, analytics, and overall control over your ad campaign, which helps to really dial things in. You also have the option to turn ads on or off at any time.

Should I Use Them?

Almost definitely. This platform has so much power behind it. If used properly, it can bring great results. You can generate quality leads, increase brand awareness, and costs tend to be low (again somewhat dependent on industry and location). 

Another benefit is that you can also get a much clearer picture of your target audience as a whole. Who they are, where they are, what are their interests, and so forth. This doesn't just help to create better Facebook campaigns, it also helps run better campaigns across other channels, and helps your business to make more informed decisions in other areas.


This ad uses a video which can be the most effective format on Facebook. It also uses a "book now" call-to-action, converting users into clients.

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