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Web Design & Digital Marketing In the Farmington Valley

Beautiful websites and effective marketing for local businesses. 


Some of My Clients

  • The Mulcahy Academy

    The Mulcahy Academy was using a DIY platform for their site, and needed an upgrade. We used professional copywriting, a responsive design, cohesive branding, plus more to convert more visitors into clients.

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  • Canton Pizza + Kitchen

    CPK was in need of a website that had an easy-to-use menu. They also have two different 3rd party services for online ordering and for delivery, which needed to seamlessly integrate with their site and provide a great user experience. 

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  • Magnoli Home Improvements, LLC

    Dave Magnoli had been using a free DIY website through Google. The work he does for his clients is exceptional, but his website wasn't. He reached out to me to get a professional site which accurately reflects the work he does.

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  • Anna Smyth Psychotherapy

    Screenshot of the example clients website. In the center it reads "Get Your Mental Strength Back" with a background of cartoon trees and birds.

    Anna came to me with a website that was several years outdated, using a web developer that didn't have the time needed to stay on top of things. In one weeks time, I completely scratched the previous site, re-designed and re-built into something beautiful.

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  • Paws 2 Go

    Home screen of the 'paws 2 go' website. Shows the name of the website, with a background of two dogs.

    The owner of Paws 2 Go had been putting off her website for quite a while. With her type of business, there's quite a bit of intake involved with new clients. Using a new site and a detailed contact form, we saved her a lot of time and a lot of headache.

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Brendan McNulty

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