My name is Brendan McNulty and I live in Canton, CT. During the day, I work in the legal marketing space helping attorneys bring in more clients. Through building experience and skill in the digital marketing world, my goal is to help even more businesses grow.

When my father moved to the Cape and started his own carpentry business, I saw the perfect opportunity to put my skills into practice. With just a bit of time and effort, we were able to target the high-value clients he was searching for. To learn more about how I did it, click here.

After helping him and seeing what kinds of opportunities are available to small local businesses, I decided I didn't want to stop there. I formed McNulty Marketing to help small business owners like my father, to make a real impact.

Small business owners don't have departments and staff members dedicated to the different functions of their business. Often times its just a handful of people (or just one or two) working hard to handle everything.

There's only so much time and energy you have in a day. McNulty Marketing strives to take that digital workload off your shoulders, so you can run your business firing on all cylinders.
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